22 Helpful Pokémon Go Tips You Might Know

1. Each pawprint on the Pokémon tracker represents about a 100-meter distance.

2. Your eggs won’t gain hatching progress if you travel faster than 15 mph.

3. Speaking of eggs, these are (generally) the Pokémon that hatch from the different egg types.

4. That curve on your Pokémon’s profile indicates its potential and should factor heavily into your decision to evolve or not.

5. There is a way to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

6. The app uses a combination of your step count and GPS location to hatch eggs, so the stuff in this rather silly video won’t work.

People are trying to attach their phones to bicycle wheels, Roombas, and their dogs in order to hatch eggs. But unless you actually move around enough for the GPS to register it, you won’t see any progress. Maybe tie it to your dog’s collar and set them out in the yard?

7. Turning off AR (which can be done when you encounter a Pokémon) will save battery life.

8. You can also download Google Maps offline for your area to save a bit on data and battery.

9. You can train with the Pokémon at your own gym for extra XP and Gym Prestige.

10. There’s a new update out today that helps fix some of the annoying bugs present at launch.

11. Stock up on Lucky Eggs and use them right before you’re about to hatch a lot of eggs or evolve a lot of your Pokémon.

12. The cheapest and easiest Pokémon to evolve are Weedle, Pidgey, Caterpie, and Rattata.

13. Eevee evolutions are completely random.

*Sparky will get you a Jolteon
*Rainer will get you a Vaporeon
*Pyro will get you a Flareon

14. Gyms can be one of the best sources of XP if you run away a lot.

15. Consider renaming your most-used Pokémon with their types and/or abilities so you know which ones to pick in your gym battles.

16. You’ll need to travel outside your area in order to complete your Pokédex.

17. Factors like the weather and time of day will affect what types of Pokémon you encounter.

18. You can collect your gym rewards once every 21 hours.

19. PokéStops refresh about once every five minutes!

20. Avoid evolving a three-tier-evolution Pokémon unless you can do both evolutions right away.

21. If the game freezes while you’re capturing a Pokémon and you have to quit out, just check your Journal when you log back in.

22. And finally, here are the level-up rewards for levels 1–20, in case you’re curious:

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